Monday, May 7, 2018

Pumpkin Patch Bear

This is a modern Pumpkin Patch bear with a different texture of fur. It has Pumpkin Patch sewn onto one of the soles of its feet. It measures 25 cm, so it is smaller than the Oscar bear.

This is a blue Pumpkin Patch rabbit which is 32 cm long.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Chocolate Family Leave K. C. Bunnyborough

A few days have passed since the last day of school where it was announced that the Chocolate Family were leaving K. C. Bunnyborough. The reason given is that to have the orders of chocolate items and gingerbread houses delivered to the clients it would take five to six hours to take the items to the nearest town’s delivery depot.

The Chocolate family’s house has already been loaded on a truck and taken to the town where they are going to live. They have spent the last night staying with Mr and Mrs Know and in the morning Mr Know hitched up Strawberry, the pony, to the cart to take the Chocolate family to their house in the other town.


The Chocolate family are ready to go and Mrs Know farewells them all and looks forward to Mr Knows return in the late afternoon.

Mr Chocolate tells Mr Know that their furniture is at twin trunks under a cover and could they go past and check that the cover is safely secured. He tells Mr Know that a truck will come and pick up the furniture tomorrow afternoon. Mrs Know says she will check the furniture when they leave but Mr Chocolate insists that the family wants to check the furniture. Mr Know is surprised to hear the furniture hasn’t already been delivered to the chosen town because the house is already on the new site. Mrs Know for the second time farewells them as they leave K. C. Bunnyborough.

  They arrive at the Chocolate family’s home and Mr Chocolate thanks Mr Know for the lift and help he has given him and his family. He also asks Mr Know to check that their furniture is secure tomorrow morning before the truck comes to pick it up. Mr Know assures  Mr Chocolate he will.

The next morning Mr Know and Mrs Know with their twins hop to twin trunks to check that the Chocolate family’s furniture is secure. When they arrive at twin trunks they see a baby hedgehog and Ricky and Ruth rat there. "What are they doing here?" he wonders.

 Mr Know lifts the cover a bit… this is strange he thinks as he lifts the cover higher and sees that there is no furniture there but a gingerbread house. Now, Mr Know knows why the rats and hedgehog baby are there and that is because they could smell the gingerbread house. Mr Know realizes that they have just got there in time before the rats and hedgehog begin eating the gingerbread house.

He pulls the cover right off and goes inside and there is a note written by Mr Chocolate saying that the furniture was picked up delivered to the new site on the same day the house went. This gingerbread house is gift for all the rabbits at K. C. Bunnyborough to have.
Mr Know tells the rats and baby hedgehog that they are not to touch the gingerbread house until he lets all the rabbits know that it is here. 
The rabbits come and have a look then they knock it down so they can help themselves to as much gingerbread pieces of the house they can eat and carry home.

The Grayson rabbit family and Grandfather and Grandmother Cottontail are first to pick up some pieces to take home.

They are followed by the Grayson Blue family, the Lemon family (with a wheelbarrow), the White family and Terry Tan.

Mr White invites all the rabbits back to his house for fellowship and a sing-a-long.

The rabbits all express how happy they are to have some much gingerbread pieces to eat and are very grateful to the Chocolate family for the surprise. They did leave plenty of pieces at twin trunks for the rats and hedgehog family to have.

After they ate all they could Mr White started playing the piano and the rabbits sang and danced late into the night.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Last Day of School 2017

Today is the last day of school for 2017. Mrs Know has told the class that in the afternoon a visitor will be coming to celebrate the last day of school with them. (A strong wind has blown the bell tower off the stand.  It will be fixed in time when school starts in the New Year.)

It is now the afternoon and Mrs Know has asked the rabbits to put their things in their bags to take home when school finishes. She also asks that the table be cleared. Len and Larry clear the table and arranged the chairs as asked by Mrs Know. Mrs Know was singing songs with the class when Mr Know arrived with Mr and Mrs Chocolate behind him holding a gingerbread house which they put on the table.

Mr Know makes the announcement that the Chocolate Family will be leaving K. C. Bunnyborough during the school holidays. The Chocolate Family are well known in the country for the chocolate they make and their specialty which is making Gingerbread houses. They have loved living in K. C. Bunnyborough but it is too far to the nearest town to go to the postal and delivery service to send the orders they have for Gingerbread cakes.

Mr and Mrs Chocolate have made the Gingerbread house for the student rabbits because his two young rabbits have loved coming to school to learn. The school students are the first ones to hear the news of the Chocolate family decision to leave K. C. Bunnyborough. (Although Mr and Mrs Know were told last week about the Chocolate family’s decision to leave but they have not told the other rabbits who live in K. C. Bunnyborough.)

A knife is produced and the cake is cut up and a piece is given to each rabbit.

When school finished each rabbit was given a piece of cake for each rabbit in their family and a colour  in picture of a gingerbread house to take home.

The rabbits hopped home as fast as they could to tell their families about the lovely Gingerbread house Mr and Mrs Chocolate made for the school students and of their decision to leave K. C. Bunnyborough. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Grayson Quads New Playhouse

The Quads have a new playhouse. Tansy has brought a basket with French sticks and a bottle of raspberry juice for them to have for lunch.

They sit down to have lunch and discuss how they will furnish the playhouse.They all have different ideas of what to put into the playhouse.

In reality they agree that not much will fit in and that they are disappointed that it is so small. A hedgehog was a short distance away and has overheard the discussion he ambles over to them and tells them that she and her family have been in this house and that they all fit in comfortably. The hedgehog asks if she and her family can have their playhouse for a house for her family. The Grayson quads agree and give permission for the hedgehog family to move in.

Mrs Hedgehog quickly scurries away to her family and tells them the good news that the Grayson quads have given them permission to have the playhouse as their home.

The Grayson quads hop home and leave the playhouse for the hedgehogs to make a home in.

The Budgie's Nest

Len and Larry hear a budgie squawking so they decide to go and find out where the sound is coming from.

Younger brother Les sees them hopping away so he decides to follow. He likes to join in the activities with his twin brothers. It is not long before they come across the budgie perched on a boot. The budgie is making a nest in the boot. Les is standing on the toe of the boot and is peeping inside the boot. The nest is not complete yet.

A week later Len and Larry leave their house without Les knowing and go to visit the place where they saw the budgie on the boot. They come closer to the boot and they can see the nest has been made and there are two eggs in the nest. As the get closer they hear a squawking in the sky. They look up and see the budgie circling around them. She doesn’t look happy to see the rabbits so close to her nest, so they quickly hop home.

The following week Len and Larry hop towards the budgie boot nest without Les knowing. They find the boot which has rolled over to its side. The mother budgie is there and tells them that the wind blew the boot over and the eggs fell out of the nest and broke. She tells them that she is going to build another nest and it will be in a tree.

On their way home they see their friend the fantail who is twittering to another bird. The birds are saying they can’t believe the budgie would make a nest so low to the ground. They are sorry that her eggs broke when the wind blew the boot over and are happy to hear that the next nest will be in a tree.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Blowing the Dandelion Seeds

Ricky and Ruth have come across a dandelion flower that has turned to fluffy seeds.

Ruth can't resist blowing all the fluffy seeds off the stalk. Ricky decides to sleep through the process.


A Happy New Year, 2017, is been celebrated by the Grayson Family. They hope the readers will have a very happy year this year, too.