Sunday, January 1, 2017

Blowing the Dandelion Seeds

Ricky and Ruth have come across a dandelion flower that has turned to fluffy seeds.

Ruth can't resist blowing all the fluffy seeds off the stalk. Ricky decides to sleep through the process.


A Happy New Year, 2017, is been celebrated by the Grayson Family. They hope the readers will have a very happy year this year, too.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kaikoura Earthquake

Kaikoura Earthquake

Kaikoura has had an earthquake which has slips on the main roads in and out of Kaikoura. The railway lines are buckled and access is by helicopter only.

Terry Tan has got the helicopters ready to fly to Kaikoura to help in any way he can.

Richard has arrived with the donated food that he will load into the biggest helicopter which will be flown to Kaikoura.  

Terry is going to fly to the Kaikoura ranges and check if there are any rabbits injured or any rabbits that need assistance. Terry lands at the bottom of a rocky cliff and gets out of the helicopter.

He climbs up the boulder to have a view. He can see many of the rocks have split and rolled down the mountain side. A snail above tells Terry that there is a rabbit in the cave.

He climbs up higher and looks into the cave and there he sees a rabbit lying face down. He calls out, “Hello, can I help you.” The other rabbit rolls over and rubs her eyes. She sits up and tells Terry she has been separated from her family and has been living in the cave since the earthquake.

Terry encourages the female rabbit to come down and to his helicopter so he can fly her to safety.

Terry goes back to the helicopter to get the rope and the female rabbit starts descending by holding the rope and climbing down backwards with Terry’s encouragement.

Back on the ground again Terry can see the female rabbit shaking. He assures her all will be well once she gets into the helicopter.. Terry flies her to K. C. Bunnyborough and takes her to Mrs Grayson’s house to be looked after.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Helicopter Rescue - Part 3

The Gifts for Terry Tan
Terry Tan flew the helicopter to rescue Yoko and two international gangsters who had kidnapped her in a Japanese shopping mall. The stolen helicopter they were travelling in crashed into the side of a mountain in New Zealand. Terry Tan also flew back to collect the pieces of the helicopter that had crashed, (He actually put the helicopter together again) and brought it back to the depot.

The next morning Mrs White brings in a hot milo and a piece of toast to Terry Tan who now has moved into the top room of the White’s family home. The White family have recently moved into this home after living in another home for four weeks and before that they lived in a pink boot. Mrs White tells Terry that they have just had the fire place put into this house so it will be warm inside this winter once Mrs White gets the windows fixed and curtains made for the windows.

Yoko arrives at the White’s house before Terry has come down to the living area and tells Mr White she has ordered a gift for Terry Tan because he bravely rescued her and she wants to honour him. The gift is due to arrive later today and can come back in the afternoon and make a presentation to him. Mr White welcomes Yoko to return later in the afternoon and present the gift to him.

Terry comes into the living room and looks at the fireplace and is impressed that it is such a nice one.
Mrs White tells him to use the new hot water kettle to make himself a drink whenever he wants one.

Pink Nose shyly tells Terry she has made him a gift which is in the bag. 

Terry opens the bag and finds a knitted hat and scarf inside. He puts them on and thanks Pink Nose for knitting it for him. He tells her it is very special to him just like she is special to him. He is unsure whether it would be appropriate to thank her with a kiss. He decides not too because her sister and brother-in-law are in the room and Terry is too shy.

Grandfather and Grandmother Cotton tail are the first to arrive for Yoko’s presentation of a gift to Terry.

Mrs Grayson has brought her best china for Mrs White to use for the occasion.

Mr and Mrs Know and Mr and Mrs Grayson Blue arrive so Mr White sits at the piano and starts playing some music. All the rabbits join in with singing.

Yoko arrives with her gift for Terry and she thanks Terry so much for rescuing her from the helicopter crash by the mountain.

Terry opens the gift and inside is a remote controlled helicopter just like the one he flies. Terry thanks Yoko and tells her he will invite all the rabbits to the park to watch it fly. After more singing and a delicious afternoon tea provided by Mrs White the afternoon presentation ends and the rabbits go home. Yoko also catches the plane and flies back to Japan.

The following week Terry receives a photo from Yoko in Japan telling him she is having a holiday on the coast and that she would love him to come to Japan to visit her.

Editors note: Tried to take a better photo of Mrs White and Mrs Grayson with the china tea set.

The photos haven't come out well.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Mouse is in my Kitchen

A mouse has got into my house and is on top of the curtain rail surveying the kitchen bench. He is planning to climb onto the bench to try and get some food.

His first plan is to climb down on to the hoya plant which is hanging on the other wall.

He can now climb on to the chair where there is a radio CD player. The radio is on so he turns the volume switch up a bit louder so if he does knock something off the bench hopefully  it won’t be heard.

He scurries over the shelf with the Bunnykins mugs on and notices they are dusty so this could be a good place to store extra food.

He jumps over to the shelf above the bench and looks down before makes his next move.

He decides to jump on the electric jug which he finds out is hot! So he jumps off that quickly!

Finally he is on the bench but he hears the kitchen to hallway door open so he hides behind the blue ice cream container. A lady makes a hot drink but then goes outside to attend to her dogs. The mouse smells the food scraps in the empty ice cream container and has a good feed.

The smell of the recently made hazelnut latte draws him over to it where he stands up right and starts drinking. The kitchen outside door opens and in runs three dogs with the lady behind them. The mouse has time to hide again before he makes his way to his hiding place. The mouse has decided to hang around in this house.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ricky and Ruth Play with the Tree Pods

It is autumn and the tree is dropping its pods. Ricky and Ruth love visiting this tree, (I don’t know the name of the tree.) in autumn to play with the pods that have dropped off the tree.

They crawl through them, climb on them, under and over chasing each other.

Ricky rolls a pod onto the grass.

Ruth joins him and play jumping through ring without touching the sides of the pod.

They bring more pods onto the grass.

Ricky pretends he is riding on a worm.

Ruth copies Ricky and together they imagine they are going to a castle which has a big table laden with food! Ruth has trouble getting her imagery worm to put its head up!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Helicopter Rescue - Part 2

Terry and Mr Know escorted the two international gangsters to the proper authority that put them in a secure unit.  The international gangsters will be escorted with security guards to Japan for their trail for kidnapping an Emperors daughter, Yoko.

Terry’s boss is anxious for Terry to go back to the mountain range to see if he can bring back any of the pieces of the new small helicopter that crashed into the side of the mountain before it snows again.

Terry agrees to go back because more snow is predicted in the next twenty four hours. He flies to the mountain range and finds the site of the crashed small new helicopter.

He looks over the helicopter pieces and with his tools he puts it together again!  He notices the sign writing on the helicopter has been painted over. He attaches a rope with hook on the end to the small newly put together helicopter and secures it to his helicopter and  flies back to the helicopter depot.

Meanwhile the Emperors daughter, Yoko has recovered from the helicopter crash and kidnapping experience and is going leave K. C. Bunnyborough Medical Centre to stay a few days at Mr and Mrs Grayson’s home.

 Yoko tells the nurses and Mrs Grayson that she was shopping in a mall and her bodyguard was knocked down unconscious and she was kidnapped at gun point by the two international gangsters and was held underground until she boarded the helicopter to fly to New Zealand where it was thought by the gangsters that she would never be found.

Princess Yoko is invited to K. C. Bunnyborough School to give a talk about her life as a Princess in Japan.

The young rabbits listen eagerly to every word she says. 

Meanwhile Terry notices his belongings are not at the helicopter base. There is a note written by Mr White saying that he has collected Terry’s belongings and taken them to his new room at the Whites family house. Mr White has drawn a map for Terry to find the house. (The White rabbit family had to move out of the previous home, which they were only living in for a short time because it wasn’t earthquake proof.)

Terry arrives at the White’s house and Mr White shows him to his room which is set up how he likes it. 

Terry is so tired he just wants to go bed and have a sleep. 

He gets into his sleeping bag and quickly falls asleep. 

There will be part 3 to this story.